Wildling Girl (wildlinggirl) wrote,
Wildling Girl

All I'm in is just skin

Title: All I'm in is just skin
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Stefan/Katherine
Rating: PG-13
Words: 119
Summary: Stefan falls silent as the sight before him sinks in.
Warnings: Pre-series.
Notes: Written for the 1drabble challenge, prompt "Skin".

Stefan falls silent as the sight before him sinks in.

Katherine had slided off her dress, and her smooth hands guided his up to her corset. It took only a brief moment for his fingers to find their way to the lace behind, undoing the knot that finally freed the woman from the oppresive clothing.

The corset hit the ground, and now his hands were surrounding Katherine's full figure; her skin was like water, her touch cool and gentle, but at the same time treacherous like the calm before the storm. She leans forwards, sporting her trademark grin, and finally kisses him. He's glad she did so; if she hadn't, he might have said he loved her out loud.
Tags: katherine pierce, katherine/stefan, stefan salvatore, the vampire diaries
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