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Title: Sight
Fandom: LotS
Pairing: Kahlan/Cara
Rating: PG
Words: 183
Summary: Cara's not happy with the solution to her sight problem.
Warnings: None.
Notes: Written for femslash100 prompt "glasses" and 1drabble prompt "victory".

"You know it's just temporary, though, so don't worry..."

Cara knew that. Once they caught up with Richard and Zedd, the wizard would surely fix her sight with some magical spell. Meanwhile, she'd have to wear that... and she was not happy about it.

"You know it's a good thing; you almost got killed for not seeing that enemy."

"I still managed to got rid of him, didn't I? It was still a victory" the Mord-Sith replied sharply.

"Yes, but a victory at what cost?" Kahlan said, glancing towards Cara's neck, which that enemy soldier had grazed with his sword in an almost fatal blow. "You should've told me that you have a sight problem..."

"I do not have a problem."

"Fine, whatever you say. I don't understand why you're complaining though..." Kahlan mutters in response. "Personally, I think they look really cute in you."

Cara manages to look away just in time to avoid eye contact, hiding the tiniest hint of a blush at the compliment. Luckily, Kahlan was unable to notice. Cara then simply adjusts her new glasses and continues forward.
Tags: cara mason, kahlan amnell, kahlan/cara, legend of the seeker
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